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24 nov 2023

Un aggiornamento per te da Eadv 2023 navigation-next-alternate

Inibitori di JAK nelle indicazioni dermatologiche

17 lug 2023

Physical urticaria

Physical urticaria is a type of urticaria in which recurrent wheals and/or angioedema occur following exposure of the skin to a physical stimulus

19 set 2022

Nuove terapie migliorano qualità della vita e fanno risparmiare. navigation-next-alternate

Con le nuove terapie, però, si aprono nuovi scenari, per i pazienti e per il Ssn

15 set 2022

Efficacy of dupilumab in chronic prurigo and chronic idiopathic pruritus

Dupilumab has demonstrated a great reduction in chronic pruritus that is the hallmark of atopic dermatitis

08 giu 2022

Il prurito nei pazienti oncologici navigation-next-alternate

Questo foglio illustrativo ha lo scopo di informarla sul prurito indotto dai farmaci antitumorali.

14 feb 2022

Biologic therapies associated with development of palmoplantar pustulosis

Palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) and palmoplantar pustular psoriasis (PPPP) are chronic inflammatory skin conditions characterized by eruptions of sterile pustules on the palms and/or soles.

08 nov 2021

Pruritus and prurigo

Pruritus and prurigo: a significant advancement on diagnosis, classification, pathogenesis and treatment

10 mar 2021

Lichen simplex chronicus of the scalp

Scalp lichen simplex chronicus (LSC) is rare and can be a challenging and frustrating condition for both patient and physician.

13 gen 2021

Pruritus Intensity Scales across Europe: A Prospective Validation Study

Chronic pruritus (CP) is a subjective symptom and it is necessary to assess its intensity with validated patient-reported outcome tools in order to allow determination of the treatment course

02 dic 2020

Prurigo nodularis

Pathogenesis and management

15 giu 2020

Dupilumab improves clinical manifestations, symptoms, and quality of life in adult patients with chronic nodular prurigo

Chronic nodular prurigo (CNPG) is a multifactorial skin disease characterized by itchy papules and nodules, usually resistant to standard treatment and associated with markedly impaired quality of life.

09 giu 2020

Prurigo Nodularis: Epidemiology and Clinical Features

2020 May 23:S0190-9622(20)30973-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jaad.2020.04.183. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32454098.

06 apr 2020

Prurigo nodularis: New treatments on the horizon

Prurigo nodularis (PN) is one of the most challenging chronic itchy conditions dermatologists encounter.

11 feb 2020

La cute nella psoriasi navigation-next-alternate

La psoriasi è una condizione infiammatoria cronica della cute, indotta da ...

09 dic 2019

Prurito: che cosa lo può provocare, come si controlla e quando è spia di problemi seri navigation-next-alternate

Se si escludono le punture di insetti, nella maggior parte dei casi la ragione di quell’impulso è da ricercare in una patologia dermatologica. Ma anche in alcune abitudini scorrette e malattie sistemiche

26 nov 2019

Dermatite atopica: spesso un’eredità dell’infanzia navigation-next-alternate

La dermatite atopica è la più comune malattia infiammatoria della pelle: due casi su tre sono una fastidiosa “eredità” dell’infanzia

04 nov 2019

Substance P and neurokinin 1 receptor are new targets for the treatment of chronic pruritus

Chronic pruritus is a distressing symptom associated with various dermatological conditions and systemic diseases. Current treatment options are often inadequate, resulting in impaired quality of life for many patients. An understanding of the underlying mechanisms of itch across pruritic conditions is important for development of effective, targeted treatments for chronic pruritus.

06 mag 2019

Un prurito diffuso e persistente può essere la spia del diabete? navigation-next-alternate

E’ vero che…. Un prurito diffuso e persistente può essere la spia del diabete?

20 feb 2019

A systematic review of evidence-based treatments for prurigo nodularis navigation-next-alternate

Prurigo nodularis is a chronic dermatologic condition involving the development of multiple cutaneous nodules in the setting of intractable pruritus

09 gen 2019

European Guideline on Chronic Pruritus

Written by Professor Weisshaar and her co-workers in cooperation with the European Dermatology Forum (EDF) and the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV)