Tribute to the memory of Prof. Wolfram Sterry

22 Sep 2020 02:34 News

Tribute to the memory of Prof. Wolfram Sterry

The Italian Society of Dermatology pays a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Prof. Wolfram Sterry, who passed away in Munich on Saturday, 19 September 2020.

As President of the Italian Society of Dermatology, I would like to share with the members of the German Society of Dermatology the immense esteem that the Italian dermatologists retain for Prof. Wolfram Sterry both as a Professor of Dermatology and as a Man. An esteem that led him to be appointed in 2005 as an Honorary Member of the Italian Society of Dermatology.

He was an outstanding clinician with exceptional scientific abilities and competence, and with a smart, far-sighted vision for the future of dermatology. We are all aware of the large number of fruitful activities and initiatives he carried out with the German Society of Dermatology as well as with the European Society of Dermatology, and ILDS.

A great number of Italian dermatologists, of different generations, have had the great privilege to know him, learn from him and discuss with him, being completely fascinated by his enthusiasm and competence. We all had the possibility to appreciate his abilities as a doctor, his scientific rigour, but also his kindness, humanity and friendship. Each of us could remember pleasant personal moments spent together at scientific meetings in many places all over the world, and in Italy in particular.

Italian colleagues, at the sad news of his passing away, have remembered Prof. Wolfram Sterry as a “true mentor”, a “man with a highly admirable culture”, “an example for all of us” and also, “a man of rare elegance and refinement” and a “true gentleman with a sweet smile”.

Prof. Sterry was regarded by young and more adult Italian dermatologists with great respect and affection.

The sorrow we are all feeling is profound and the memory of his teaching and achievements will remain imprinted in our memory.

Thank you, Wolfram, for all that you have done, we will miss you.

Our sincere condolences and a big hug to his wife Gerda and his family.

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