Research Techniques Made Simple: Web-Based Survey Research in Dermatology: Conduct and Applications

06 Aug 2018 11:06 Pubblicazioni Scientifiche

Web-based surveys, or e-surveys, are surveys designed and delivered using the internet. The use of these survey tools is becoming increasingly common in medical research. Their advantages are appealing to surveyors because they allow for rapid development and administration of surveys, fast data collection and analysis, low cost, and fewer errors due to manual data entry than telephone or mailed questionnaires.

Internet surveys may be used in clinical and academic research settings with improved speed and efficacy of data collection compared with paper or verbal survey modalities.

However, limitations such as potentially low response rates, demographic biases, and variations in computer literacy and internet access remain areas of concern.

We aim to briefly describe some of the currently available Web-based survey tools, focusing on advantages and limitations to help guide their use and application in dermatologic research.

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AutoriMayra B.C. Maymone, Samantha Venkatesh, Eric Secemsky, et al

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