Hair disorders in cancer survivors

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With increasing survival rates across all cancers, survivors represent a growing population that is frequently affected by persistent or permanent hair growth disorders as a result of systemic therapies, radiotherapy, surgical procedures, and therapeutic transplants.

These hair disorders include persistent chemotherapy-induced alopecia, persistent radiotherapy-induced alopecia, endocrine therapy–induced alopecia and hirsutism, postsurgery alopecia and localized hypertrichosis, and persistent stem cell transplantation and targeted therapy-induced alopecia.

The information contained in this continuing medical education series should facilitate a better understanding on hair disorders in cancer survivors so that adequate support and therapies may be provided.

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FonteJournal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Titolo originaleHair disorders in cancer survivors
AutoriAzael Freites-Martinez, Jerry Shapiro, Corina van den Hurk, Shari Goldfarb, Joaquin J. Jimenez, Anthony M. Rossi, Ralf Paus, Mario E. Lacouture
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