5th European School of Dermato-Oncology: Update on Cutaneous Oncology (ESDO)

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5th European School of Dermato-Oncology: Update on Cutaneous Oncology (ESDO)

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Dal 26 gen 2017 al 28 gen 2017

Novotel Berlin am Tiergarten


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The EADO initiates for the fifth time a course dedicated to fundamentals in skin cancer targeted to specialists and residents in the final phase of their resident program. They will benefit a comprehensive and updated course to improve their decision-making process for the management of all types and stages of skin cancer, from diagnosis, primary treatment and adjuvant treatment, to the management of loco-regional disease and distant metastatic disease.

This 2,5-day educational course targets doctors who are actively involved in the treatment of skin cancer. Dermatologists or other specialists who have completed specialist training, or residents in the final year of their training program, are likely to gain the most from this course.

ESDO2017 - Programma Scientifico European School of Dermato-Oncology Program
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ESDO2017 - Registrazione European School of Dermato-Oncology Registration
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