PSOFUTURE: new directions from the Eternal city

9 - 11 apr 15

PSOFUTURE: new directions from the Eternal city

Dear Colleagues,

In recent years, psoriasis has become an increasingly challenging disease. In fact, it is, now, widely recognized that psoriasis is not only confined to skin and joints as other organs and tissues may be involved. As a consequence, colleagues from other specialties are showing a growing interest on this disease. These considerations led us to promote an international meeting to discuss and to share the future directions of psoriasis. Therefore, leading dermatologists in this field will share their expertise on various aspects ranging from basic science to advances therapies. They will "touch" various "hot topics" including new insights in the genetics, pathogenic mechanisms, and management of psoriasis which are emerging beside a wide array of new discoveries.

Moreover, specialists from other disciplines will be invited to approach peculiar aspects related to psoriasis from a futuristic perspective. The presence of other specialists will also allow to "catch" new developments in their disciplines.

Young colleagues from all over the world will be more than welcome in presenting their recent research either in form of oral presentation or as poster.

This meeting will be a fantastic and unique opportunity to increase our knowledge on psoriasis and related disorders, hosting worldwide known opinion leaders whose research has been focused on psoriasis for many years.

Last but not least, the weather in April will be surely a plus.

We look forward to meeting you in Rome.

My best regards, Sergio Chimenti


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