Dermoscopy of Lymphomas and Pseudolymphomas

15 Sep 2018 12:27 Ricerca

Primary cutaneous lymphomas are a heterogeneous group that includes 2 main groups of primary T- and B-cell lymphomas, which can involve the skin with distinct variability in clinical presentation, histopathology, immunophenotypes, molecular signature, and prognosis.

The authors describe the most frequent clinical forms of cutaneous lymphomas and their dermoscopic features. Even if the diagnosis of these entities is still based on a cellular level and the literature on dermoscopy in cutaneous lymphomas is limited and, for several entities it is based only on single case reports/case series, we think that know how they appear also in dermoscopy can be useful for helping in the clinical diagnosis.

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Titolo originaleDermoscopy of Lymphomas and Pseudolymphomas
AutoriBombonato C, Pampena R, Lallas A, Giovanni P, Longo C
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