Cumulative exposure to biologics and risk of cancer in psoriasis patients: A meta-analysis of Psonet studies from Israel, Italy, Spain, UK

07 May 2018 12:29 Ricerca


Cancer risk following long-term exposure to systemic immunomodulatory therapies in psoriasis patients is possible.


To assess a dose-response relationship between cumulative length of exposure to biologic therapy and risk of cancer.

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I. Garcia - Doval, M.A. Descalzo, K.J. Mason, A.D. Cohen, A.D. Ormerod, F.J. Gómez - García, S. Cazzaniga, I. Feldhamer, H. Ali, E. Herrera - Acosta, C.E.M. Griffiths, R. Stern, L. Naldi, The Psonet Network

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