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04 mar 15

We are delighted to provide you with reminder information about the Galderma SKIN PACT programme. Importantly to notify you that

the Galderma SKIN PACT Awards entry deadline has been extended to allow for further submissions - now 4th March 2015

. Please also note that Community Voting - your chance to help select the winning entries - will commence from the start of the annual meeting of the American Association of Dermatology (AAD), 20-24 March 2015.

What is the Galderma SKIN PACT Programme and why this will be of interest to you?

Everyone working in dermatology has their own vision of how the profession can make a difference. But it is those who act on their ideas and maintain their commitment that will leave a lasting impression. The SKIN PACT Awards is the first initiative under their SKIN PACT Programme and aims to recognise those who see the true potential for advancement in their field and are willing to work passionately to make that vision a reality.

What are the Galderma SKIN PACT Awards?

The SKIN PACT Awards' principal aim is to inspire dermatologists and other doctors with an interest in dermatology, to develop and help implement voluntary projects that support a sustainable dermatology community.

Two grants of US $15,000 will be awarded to support new projects, which fall under the categories of 'Community Leadership' and 'Excellence in Education'. Project proposals can be led by individuals, associations or hospitals, covering areas such as patient support, access to care, and community education.

How does it work?

  • Apply: An idea is sparked and a project proposal submitted online via the application form at Applications are open until Wednesday 4th February 2015.
  • Expert Review: In February, the Expert Panel of dermatologists has the difficult task of reviewing the proposals.
  • Community Vote: Shortlisted proposals are launched to the community for voting at the beginning of March.
  • Winners Announced: The winners are announced at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver in June 2015!

Who is on the judging panel?

The SKIN PACT Awards will be judged by an expert panel of ILDS committee members who will represent the five international regions. The regions and judges are:

  • North America: Harvey Lui MD, FRCPC
  • Latin America: Jorge Ocampo Candiani MD
  • Africa and the Middle East: Abdul-Ghani Kibbi MD, FACP
  • Europe: Francisco Camacho-Martinez MD, PhD
  • Asia Pacific: Chung Hong Hu MD, FACP

Detailed information about the submission of projects

Below you will find some guidance for project submissions. Please note that these are only 'starter ideas' - we encourage individuals and groups to develop and submit the ideas that will make the strongest impact within each region: Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.

Community Leadership: Proposals for projects under this category should take a fresh and sustainable approach to improving the lives of patients with skin conditions, these could include:

  • Projects aimed at improving quality of life for patients, both physical and psychological (e.g. supporting patients in their daily lives, helping patients accept their conditions, advice on environmental factors and healthy living)
  • Projects aimed at facilitating public access to care (e.g. free screening, travelling doctors)
  • Initiatives leading to improved social integration for patients by improving self-esteem and reducing stigma (e.g. behaviour therapy, activities encouraging socialising)

Excellence in Education: Proposals for projects under this category should be aimed at educating healthcare and public communities about skin health issues in a sustainable manner, these could include:

  • Initiatives providing education for patients and their support network (e.g. patient/family information workshops)
  • Awareness initiatives or projects promoting dermatology information to the general public and empowering them to seek help (e.g. screening / information campaigns)
  • Activities leading to an improvement in dermatology teaching and knowledge dissemination (e.g. dermatology training of healthcare workers, nurses, doctors who are not specialised in dermatology, dermatology residents and other health professionals) with a view to improving patient care

Please note awards are to be submitted in English only.


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