SIDeMaST fellowship awards 2009

30 nov 09

SIDeMaST fellowship awards 2009

The Italian Society of Dermatology (SIDeMaST) provides research support in the form of fellowships to dermatologists (or other scientific figures) willing to develop or amplify a research project in a Dermatology Department or Research Laboratory.

The fellowships provide annual salary stipend (Euro 25,000). In the 2009 program 8 awards will be available.

General eligibility requirements include being a certified dermatologist member of the society (SIDeMaST), and an age of less than 35 years. The Committee may take into consideration also applications from resident.

Application must include the research project, the curriculum vitae of the candidate, a letter of support from the Dermatology Division Head and a letter of acceptance from the Head of the Department or Research Laboratory were the research project will be carried out. These letters must also indicate whether additional funds are available for integrating the candidate salary and to perform the research.

Candidates are expected to personally prepare and submit their application materials, which should be mailed in three copies to the Society office (Segreteria SIDeMaST, Via Aldo Moro 22, 25124 Brescia) no later than November 30, 2009.

The projects will be evaluated by a Committee nominated by board of the society (SIDeMaST). The evaluation of the applications will take into account the applicant�s background, potential, research proposal (including transferability), and environment.

The salary will be provided in three distinct payments: 10% at the start of the fellowship, 50% after 4 months and 40% after 8 months.

Recipients of the fellowship awards must provide within 1 month of receiving the first payment a letter from the hosting Department or Laboratory Head confirming that the research project has started. Recipients must provide a detailed report of research by the end of year of the fellowship and will be asked to present the results at the national meeting of the Society. Application materials will not be returned.


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Locandina SIDeMaST Fellowship awards 2009



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